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Hey there!
I'm Lyle Krieger
A Web/UI Designer from Cape Town

I create web and digital design

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Web Design
Ui/Ux Design
40.7143528 -74.0059731 Based In NewYork
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A bit about me me

I always had the ability to design, but I was fascinated with websites and wondered how they actually functioned.

From there onwards, I studied to earn a Web Design / Development Diploma and freelanced to gain experience.

I am extremely passionate and professional about what I do with now gaining 6 years epxeience in the industry, once I found out the fundamentals of Web Designing I thrived to be the best I possibly could.

Web Design

The first step I take when creating or redoing a website is looking at the brand of the company and see what is needed to implement the brief into a digital creation.

Ui/Ux Design

From wireframes, to mock ups, to the live project I love getting stuck into the UI design getting a better understanding of what to do to make the user's life easier.

Digital & Print

Through my career, I gained knowledge according digital & print design. There comes a part in a Web Designer's career where you have to do a bit of both, just in case there is no Graphic Designers around.


I have workd in an Ecommerce environment before, whether it be using a CMS system or hard code with devs I have quite an understanding about it.

My first ecommerce website I did was on my own using Drupal, it was quite an experience

My Resume //

Some Words About Me

My Awesome Story

Diploma - Web Design & Development

02. -

I started out by gettting a diploma in Web Design & Development at I.T business campus. I didn't know exactly what I was getting myself into, but I was very excited and got used to the process as time went by.

Work in company "Forefront Systems"

01. -

The very beginning of my career

This was the very beginning of my career, where I gained the most experience thanks to the awesome team at Forefront Systems.

I worked in Drupal, Joomla, hard coded & styled a POS app. This is also where I did my first print & digital design artwork.

Work in company "On Demand"

03. -

Making this the first

I was the only Web Designer at On Demand, where I gained a lot of experience. Working solo made me own up to a lot of things, as well as meet up with clients & getting to know what they want out of a project..

In my time there I managed, updated, designed/coded as well as migrated websites to different servers. I also learned quite a lot about SEO in my time there.

I received three website awards at On Demand & gained a lot of knowlegde from the design aspect as well.

Work in company "Homechoice"

04. -

Ecommerce website & Javascript games.

My role at Homechoice was a mixture of Web Design & Front end development where I worked closely with the marketing team. I used to update the website, as well as code up newsletters to promote products.

Aside from this we would come up with ideas for competitions where I would code up javascript games with the help of the Digital designer.

Work in company "Sable International"

04. -

Web & UI Designer

I currently work at Sable International as a Web & UI Designer, I get stuck into User Experience Design as well since I studied it at Get Smarter recently.

From researching, wireframing, mockups to the end product I do it all, as well as code. We work in a Visual studio environment and work closely with the devs to meet expectations.

//How I Work

My Working Process

  • Discuss the project

    Getting to know what the client wants.

    The first thing I like to do before diving into a project is getting to know exactly what the client wants & the requirements of the project. The planning stage is crucial when starting a project to iron out what the journey is going to be.

  • Develop & elaborate

    From wireframes, mock ups to development.

    After the briefing the stage, I come up with some rough wireframes too see how the project will turn out. From there it goes to the mock up stage where it gets a closer look & feel to the final product

    Once approve I move on to the development stage where coding starts taking place.

  • Final approvement

    Ready for launch.

    Once everything is done & tested, I move on to the approvement stage & make any changes needed.

    I get the product ready for launch with as much testing as possible, keeping in mind the date of the deadline


My Own Developer's and
Design Skills


Design Skills

Below are a brief list of my design skills.
01. -




Developer Skills

Below are a list of skills & ratings.
02. -
Adobe Suite
Adobe XD, Sketch & Invision

Other Skills

03. -



Visual Studio

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Contact Details

02. Location

Cape Town

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